I abbreviated the nick since many posters, including you, addressed me as TL anyway. The real one.

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A win there would have ensured a perfect record at the end of the season. Milos Raonic. La Monf lost to GGL. Suppose, the atp had reduced the assigned points as a result of a factor of instead of about doubling the points the last age they revised the system. Okiegal Says: Markus…. He is done and the only reason he seems to be doing ok is because the circuit has been in pretty bad affect for quite some time. For fifteen seconds, I thought it was a video game — so hard they were hitting the ball. If you want to be serious, just attend to around: there is an imminent cost-effective collapse pending, war is knocking by our doors, the EU will almost immediately disintegrate… So, let us forget a propos it for a few moments. Who else would there be to finest up on?

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Accurate, Rafa has gotten some negative comments lately but in the past Fed has had his share and accordingly has Nole. Now, it is vs Fabio Fognini. Can someone here cleanse it for me, please? Only after that can we compare, historically, the amount of domination gap numerically at slight. Some fascinating discussions take place as of it and all of us are better for it.

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It seems Djok and Raf are a good deal more influential than you think:- April 28th, at pm. Your guy has to be commended for always improving and taking some risks in the process. That is your emotional choice. Anyway, I figure out that constant an old school bloke like you, must shifted to internet, these days…. So sorry for wee David tho. As an Italian-American, I used en route for go to church every Sunday… await I read in a newspaper can you repeat that? my priest had done to altar boys!

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Rafael Nadal. Margot Says: mat4no one absent alive. I see that you be able to be hilarious but also respectful. But, errors should not be presented at the same time as facts the way they have been in the lovely and excellent clause provided by the great taxi driver Mr Travis Bickle who has before now shown glimpses of his considerable ability, much appreciated and valued by his fellow Djok fans, on the erstwhile thread. Roger Federer. RZ Says: The odds for the men are agreed ridiculous.

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A propos his return, it was something so as to bothered me I had the alike impression as you and I check his stats, and they are absolutely confusing on this matter. Besides, we need to welcome the new guys. Novak Djokovic. The only thing a good number of us want here is a bit of civility, no personal attacks, something like that. How is Dmitrov given better odds than Ferrer, Monfils, and Berdych? About Murray: I additionally believe that he should have made the same adjustments Novak did, above all with his power and good hands at the net. Probably 4K, before perhaps Rublev. Just enough. Meanwhile, the rather- good- looking Pablo, is administration to hold his own against the little brick wall.

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I think his main issues remain the same. Its just fandom thinking. By no means three players dominated that much, along with only one player able to adhere them at the top, and en route for beat them on a regular base. However, it would, as per your logic and reasoning, be absolutely accurate and accurate if someone talked a propos it as being the narrowest breach ever. Very ladylike I must about. April 28th, at am. His anaemic situation makes Novak a big favorite. Ruben Bemelmans.

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