I suppose the most glaring issue at this juncture is the double standard that software errors can be legally taken benefit of by the casinos, while they are illegal to take advantage of by the gambler.

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Although the same is true for all but any activity. He spent hours dissecting slot electronics to learn everything he could about how they worked. The odds are already so badly stacked on most of them games you'd have better odds at 3 Certificate Monty, so I'm just worried a propos setting a precedent that gives them even BETTER than the already awe-inspiring advantage they already have. The disco should do the same since he wasn't shaking the machine, putting coating hangers up the coin return before other such hacks that clearly aren't ok. They then went worldwide along with this to get as much capital as they could before getting caught. The lesson here seems to be that casinos can deny you a slot machine win any time they wish by claiming software errors.

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